Position Paper Writing Competition 2021 Organized  by CUETMUN.

Position Paper Writing Competition 2021 Organized by CUETMUN.

  • Post published:May 23, 2021

Cuetnews24 Desk:
On 13th April in this year, CUET MUN,a UN symbolizing organisation, organised a competition,”Position Paper United Competition 2021”for the students of batch 2019.

This time the competition was proceded within two steps. On the first stage a workshop was arranged where the interested individuals had been acknowledged a general idea- how to write position paper. The workshop was supervised by Mr Ishrak Ahmed, general secretary of that organisation. The opening session was held on 2nd April,Friday,2021. In this ceremony, about more than 40 students of batch 19 were participated.At the second round,60 students registered for the competition and submitted their written paper. This Competition Agenda was”Vaccine is the Political Crisis -around covid-19 issue.”

Region :India

On 8th May the competes submitted their paper and the result was published on May 20.

Ummul Kaynat Neha,declared as the winner and the first Runner-up went to Nasrul Karib and Nuzhat Mubasshara was mentioned as Special one.